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It’s nice to have the experience – but even after 20 years designing logos and devising branding campaigns we’re still more interested in our next commission. We still get that rush – the sense of anticipation heralding each new project. It’s what spurs us on – and makes us so easy to work with.

But that experience is important. It doesn’t mean we can make any assumptions; every job really is different, but it does give us a wider sense of scope. We’re quick to see the possibilities in every project. Our instincts and our design nous have been finely honed over the years so that we can deliver the optimal results for every client.

But it’s not all about the little picture (the logo or branding concept) it’s about the big picture: your organisational culture, your market position, your competitors, your customers…

That’s why we pay such close attention to process.

Design is the end result of an in-depth process – from initial fact find through industry analysis to evaluating your USP’s. It’s a systematic progression. Probably not what you’d expect at all. But it’s the process that makes the logo.

We’re always happy to collaborate with your own marketing departments, designers and PR specialists too. You’ll find our working methods mesh with theirs. We’re like a part of the team.

We don’t restrict our service in any way. Our branding skills are easily adaptable to all business design requirements – we design brochures, marketing material, web sites and much more. We work with local and national companies, big and small – and we’re available round the clock.

So give us a call, and we’ll give you a fresh perspective...

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